Monday, September 3, 2012

Seminar Workshop on Preparing Assessment and Publication for the Web

The training has this introduction: Nowadays, we find many students discussing what they have read and found in their facebook accounts rather that talking our lessons inside the class. Tumblr, Facebooks and other social networks are evidence that students are becoming netizens rather citizens of our respective classroom. We cannot stop them from entering these social networks, but we can make them learn while entering these sites by putting our lessons and our assessments in any of these social networking sites. In Marcell (2008) Effectiveness of Regular Online Quizzing in Increasing Class Participation and Preparation, she stressed that frequent, regularly scheduled quizzing is associated with pedagogically desirable outcomes such as higher performance on exams. Marcell added that requiring students to complete brief scheduled online quizzes on assigned reading material before class would also result in increases in both the number of in-class questions and comments and the number of students who read the material prior to class. The purpose of this 1-day seminar workshop is to help teachers bring their classes in the net, that students can open teachers’ lesson anytime of the day and participate actively in the classroom discussions and social networks forum where the subject lesson extension is placed.

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