Saturday, January 7, 2012

100 Best Educational Websites for 2011 as Reviewed by Tech & Learning

I found a magazine that I think one of the best pubs for knowing what are the latest innovations for teaching using computer and how to maximize the use of internet connection in the classroom. I hope you like, try some of the sites and tell us the best of the site you use in your classroom.

Some of these sites are for elementary and secondary. The details will help you then. There are sites that offer classroom room extension and even video conferencing type of classroom.

The name of the magazine is Tech & Learning. Ideas and Tools for Ed Tech Leader. This volume includes the best 100 websites in the year 2011 that used to make teaching better. The best 100 educational websites was reviewed by David Kapuler.
For the complete viewing, see page 16. 

Tech Learning 2012-01 Sheva370 T

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