Saturday, January 7, 2012

Computerization has become a blessing to people who love information. Information now is just one click and becomes interactive.  Ten years ago, this blessing was impossible and only in the movies like Star Trek, James Bond this technology existed.  Thanks to the men and women behind this invention.

When I was a high school student at Sta. Ana National High School, I had this great respect to all the teachers who withstood teaching the great number of students daily.  Mrs. Divina H. Solis was my first year adviser then.  I love her teaching style and the way she managed her students.  I never dreamed of becoming a teacher like she is (up to now).

Below is our section Sampaguita's memento with Maam Divine (the name we loved to call her) Solis.

When she taught Language Arts I could not imagine myself teaching the same number of students and I thought if I would do that I would suffer scarcity of words heheheheh.

Now that I am a teacher, the advent of computerization helps me teach the subject that teachers in the past would jealous.  I learn to integrate computer and save my energy for the remaining part of the day.

Then, teachers would write the same instruction and discuss the same words orally for eight hours.  Now, teachers at present can use PowerPoint presentation and have his/her words, pictures, narration and videos animate repeatedly done for six hours or more.  The discussion can also be downloaded and post it in a blog like this one or save it in the Facebook.

Lessons now can be opened anytime of the day.  Teachers can be asked at one's convenient time and there lots of experts in the internet that can be asked too for further understanding, written discussion can be converted now to mp3 and placed in a small player or mobile phone.

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