Wednesday, January 18, 2012

What ifs......

Today, January 19, 2012 marks the third grading examination for the Erico T. Nograles NHS' students.
As I am watching my students making their own history, I have so many what "if's" flashing in my mind. What if in the coming year there will no longer be a paper pencil test for my students instead they will bluetooth their digital paper to the teachers and teachers in giving that to the students do the same; what if there will be no classroom because every student has its own laptop and that video camera is ready for online classroom conferencing; books will no longer be around and that makes the environmentalist in the future joyous because books are already in the tablets?.
Ahhhhh....I have lots of what if's. The last thing that I have in my mind is "What if there will be no teachers in the future because they are already replaced by robots?" By the way I am using my Ipad. What if in the future .....?

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